Bacon Shoot Wrapped

After an exhaustive shooting yesterday, we wrapped filming for our bacon-themed short. It’s be a mad rush since the conceiving of the project. Our team of two began brainstorming on Tuesday, got the basic story down on Wednesday, started casting Thursday and wrote the first draft of the screenplay Friday. This left us with only Saturday to get the shot list down and shop for props.

A little before I founded Wayfare, I broke off from my past approach of relying on improvisation to get through shoots quickly. But the lack of attention to detail yielded undesirable and sometimes¬†disastrous¬†results. Then I started treating every project the Hitchcockian way. Legend has it that Alfred Hitchcock planned so well ahead of his shoots that sometimes he didn’t even have to go on set. Every detail was in the screenplay, shot list, and etc. I adopted the Hitchcockian approach and my shoots have become so much more organized. Although we did not have the luxury of having more time to plan out the fine details, our preparations guided us through the shoot rather smoothly and saved us tons of time.


Is that… bacon?

Given the short notice, I was very impressed with our talents. They had less than a day to prepare for their roles, but they showed up to the shoot ready and know their lines to a tee. It was easy to get everyone on the same page on the get-go. Also my homie Czharcus stepped up big time sharing DP duties with me and lit some awesome scenes.

However, can’t relax yet. Still have to edit and send clips to our VFX dude. Stay tuned folks!