I was writing a film about surfers, but then I found out about the Canon Imaginat10n project. Its premise interested me because the project asked filmmakers to make a short film based on 10 photos. So I borrowed elements from my surfer film and worked them into this film.

Official video link:

Here are the 10 photos that I’d selected:

unknown time setting relationship obstacle mood goal discovery character backstory

I wrote the script and shot the film in three days with the help of a DP. Then I spent endless hours editing and working with my sound designer & mixer to make sure the short look, sound, and feel right.

This is the first time that I shot underwater without a GoPro and with my GH2 inside a budget underwater casing. I can say that I’m very pleased with a casing that cost under $50. Now that it’s been battle-tested, I can take it for a more extended run when we shoot the actual surfer short.

There’s a 10 minute limit for the Canon contest, so we condensed much of the story. But we will have a normal length cut to submit to film festivals in the future.